BLOG  |  22 Feb 2019
Thái Công Restaurant: The ballad of senses

Enjoying food is similar to enjoying arts, while enjoying arts, we have to let all senses speak in an united voice.

The ballad of senses

The outside appearance of the restaurant coated a luxurious black color, the serene main door, every row of lights illuminating the gold in front of the house is where the customers stop when they come to THÁI CÔNG Restaurant. The appearance of THÁI CÔNG Restaurant is a bit self-conceited as if it “picking up chosen guests” but it is a charming features, making customers feel honored when they come to THÁI CÔNG Restaurant.

Taste is not the only thing we have to indulge in, people themselves are a complex sentimental building blocks. Because of that, the senses are what THÁI CÔNG restaurant focuses on and the services which the customer is looking for.

As a gastronomic restaurant, the most important thing is delicious food. The entire dishes in the menu of THÁI CÔNG Restaurant is selected with quality ingredients, processing wonders just to bring the perfect flavor on the diners’ dining table. That is the story of tastes.

Although the most important thing are the dishes, but for a guest entering the restaurant, the space is quite impressive. As an interior showroom, every details displayed in the restaurant is luxurious, thorough like leather seats, black stone tables under the elegant crystal lights, each bowl, plate, knife and fork are advance products. Everything as an affirmation of  the visual aesthetics.

Scents play a decisive role in emotions. Caring for the senses of smell is the extremely important standard that designer Quách Thái Công poses with his restaurant space. Therefore, THÁI CÔNG Restaurant selects gentle music, by the designer himself Quách Thái Công wants his guests to be most comfortable while enjoying food.

Intriguing details at THÁI CÔNG Restaurant

The separate rules set out at the restaurant are created by designer Quách Thái Công – the founder of the interior design brand and interior supply and THÁI CÔNG Restaurant. He himself is someone who understands how to enjoy a delicious meal that needs “what” elements. Thanks to the accumulation of experience and luxurious lifestyle for more than 30 years in Europe, but now, designer Quách Thái Công wants to share his own genuine experiences to Vietnamese guests through cuisine at his own created space. This is a way to replicate a sincere and honest life style.

What is special at THÁI CÔNG Restaurant is that the two words “Em ơi!” which mean “Hey you!” to the waiters are not allowed to exist here. They all in the eyes of the waiters to let the story on the table keep on going, the food also keeps the essence that it inherent.

Another interesting detail, 6 is the maximum number of “must” diners to follow when booking a table. One thing seems like a forceful thing, but the luxury norm is always desire to serve customers at THÁI CÔNG Restaurant. The”6 people” rule existed because the reason is to set to customers in a comfortable state between the elegant space.

After all experiences of emotional supplied, THÁI CÔNG Restaurant has been filled with poetic hidden behind the luxurious appearance. Not many words, but sincere heart. Very presumptuous but honoring guests.