Thái Công GmbH & Co.KG company was established in 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. The founder of the company is Quách Thái Công, a German Vietnamese interior designer who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of designing and providing luxury interior. In Germany and Europe, THÁI CÔNG brand name is extremely famous for impressive luxurious and high-level design styles. In 2014, Thái Công opened an office and showroom in Ho Chi Minh City. Thai Cong Vietnam Co., Ltd brings the intricate designs of Eastern and Western culture that can persuade even the most difficult customers. At the present, Thái Công company specializes in interior designing and décor projects and supplies the furniture for villas, private apartments, and restaurants, hotels, high-class real estate projects, ect.


Established more than 10 years ago, Thái Công Co., Ltd has created so many works with different scale and style. Our customers are those who have a passion for aesthetics and engage in luxurious high-level space. Designs and styles of Thái Công bring interests and trust from the owners. That is the reason why Thái Công is always like a partner who deeply understands the demands and hobby of every customer.


Thái Công brand is recognized as an impressive, prestigious and high-level interior designing company. Customers come to Thái Công to find an expert in interior design and decoration that always creates unique and impressive works. Each of these works give Thái Công and his colleagues a new challenge in the face of high responsibility.

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