Quách Thái Công is a German Vietnamese interior designer. He moved to Germany when he was 10 years old, and has been educated to follow the Vietnamese traditions by his family. While growing up and working in Germany for more than 32 years where he has been perceiving, deeply understanding the culture, style, and aesthetics of the West, Thái Công has pursued and graduated from fashion photography major. Becoming the interior designer unintentionally when Thái Công exhibited his photographs in an interior space and received positive supports from customers, after that, Thái Công has participated in specialized classes and enhanced his practical experiences. Stepping the interior design field for 20 years, Thái Công has achieved lots of noble rewards like Infinity Award of ICP Council in New York- United States, Gold Lion at Cannes Lions – France and Bronze medal from ADC Council in Germany.

"I always desire to create stunning interior space which meets European aesthetic standards and are sustainable over time for Vietnamese customers in our own homeland."

Thái Công is the great choice for customers who require design Western living space styles because he is deeply understanding, observing culture, aesthetics of the West. His taste and experience living and growing up in Europe more than 32 years creates differences for each of project designed by Thái Công.


In his opinion, an interior designer is a director who truly puts his soul into every piece of his work. Through each design, Thái Công wants to tell his own story. A house not only bears a beautiful layout but also has its own depth perceived through its aesthetics which reflect the way the owners enjoy their lives. He not only builds a delicate living style but also make a warm living space where we often call “Home”. There are differences in the designing and working style of an artist – an interior designer- Quách Thái Công.
With his design motto of Human beings are the core, Thái Công brings a comfortable and perfect living space which prioritizes the demands of people first. Each artwork reflects Thái Công's modesty by not showing off his personal remarks but instead, are arranged skillfully in order for each and every house to tell its own story, and reflect the personality and aspiration of the owners.
A designer should know to use their passion and personal feelings to attract others into their own personal world.

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