Quách Thái Công is an acclaimed Vietnamese-German interior designer.After moving to Germany at the age of 10, he was educated in Vietnamese traditions by his family. At the same time, Thái Công developed a strong affinity for Western culture, style, and aesthetics. He has now lived in Germany for over 32 years and has a degree in fashion, and has worked as a creative director and fashion photographer. Thái Công was born with a natural talent for art and organized thinking, and has received numerous prestigious awards in the field of art. These include the Infinity Awards voted on by the ICP Council (New York), the Golden Lion in the Cannes Ideas category, and the Bronze award from the ADC Council in Germany in the Design category for the book My Parents: An Homage to Fashion, Photography and Life.The career move to interior design came about by happenstance when Thái Công displayed artwork in his private gallery with an interior space that he designed and was well-received by customers. Thái Công has now been working in interior design and decoration for 20 years, having taken professional classes and gained deep practical experience. Thái Công’s company is known in Germany and Vietnam for its exquisite interior design projects that incorporate an upmarket lifestyle and are personalized to each individual owner. Each project is also imbued with Thái Công’s aesthetic flair. Thái Công was named Interior Designer of the Year by Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam in 2019.

December 2022, the art book Thái Công – A Passion For Aesthetic was published all over 70 countries by teNeues – a well-known German publishing firm. Quách Thái Công was the first Vietnamese-born German interior designer with the honor to have his book published by the firm. The book focuses on portraying Thái Công philosophy in the field as an interior designer as well as presenting several of his “state of the art” works in his career. Thus by far is considered as one of his biggest achievements where his works are well received by the field designers. In January 2023, once again his name appeared in the list of 100 most indicative interior designers of the world; in which his work was also presented in the book Andrew Martin Vol.26 Interior Design Review.

"My passion is to create the most sophisticated, impressive and luxurious living environments for my clients who also have a fascinated taste for an aesthetic living - lifestyles"

When mentioning about high - end living, Thái Công's name will always be the first to appear on the list due to his excellent taste on all aspects such as a well understanding of European cultures and styles.

Thái Công artworks bear European imprints however there have never been any repeating, each project is unique in its own way. Based on his broad professional knowledge and experiences with an aesthetic point of view, clients have absolute trust in his advice.


A designer, according to Quách Thái Công, is a director who conveys the soul of each project in order to tell the owner's story. A house is not only beautiful, but also deep, expressing the owner’s aesthetic and way of life. A designer doesn’t just create a sophisticated lifestyle, but also a place we call "home." That is what distinguishes artist - interior designer Quách Thái Công's design and working style.

Thái Công creates comfortable, perfect living spaces under the philosophy of human-centered design, putting the needs of customers first. Thái Công is modest in each of his works of art, not flaunting his personal imprint, but instead stepping back and cleverly arranging each design so that each house tells its own story, reflecting the personality and wishes of the owner.

Interior Designers also have to know how to transform with their own passion and emotions to attract others into their world.

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