Each project created by interior designer Quách Thái Công is distinguished through his expertise and distinct aesthetic. Thái Công advises customers on every aspect of interior design, including layout, lighting, ceilings-walls-flooring, furniture selection, colors, materials, and decorations for the entire house based on their needs and preferences.

Aesethics is not so easy to answer. There is a reason why people talk about beauty in ugliness, and not every thing that looks good has a high aesthetic value.

Thái Công presents ideas and 3D drawings to help the investor understand the project's details. The company then arranges furniture and decorations such as mirrors, paintings, photos, vases, frames, and so on to create a cohesive whole.     

Over 10 years of prestige, Thái Công has launched numerous projects of varying sizes and styles over the course of its ten-year existence. Its customers are aesthetic enthusiasts who appreciate luxurious surroundings. Thái Công’s designs and styles ensure the owner’s love and trust, and the firm considers clients to be friends, thus fully understanding the demands and preferences of each customer.

Thái Công is recognized as a distinguished, prestigious, and highly specialized interior design firm. Customers come to Thái Công to find an interior design and decoration expert who consistently produces one-of-a-kind, impressive works. Each project that Thái Công and his associates take on is a new challenge that must be completed with the highest sense of responsibility.



Thai Cong Company implements architectural ideas. The architectural ideas will be implemented directly by interior designer Quach Thai Cong. Based on customer requirements, as well as the suitability of the specific terrain of each area, architectural ideas for each project are proposed with high aesthetic criteria, sophistication suitable for the owner and the owner. overall of the entire region.

Typical projects: Parc Villa, Pool Villa, Binh Phuoc Villa, Di Bang Villa...

How will the interior design process take place?

Based on customer requirements, interior designer Quach Thai Cong, from the perspective of a professional, will come up with ideas and design options suitable for each owner. The diversity of each project, along with the requirements of each owner, creates differences in each project, but one common point is always achieved, which is that the usage is suitable for the owner, the style is chosen. clearly shaped and achieved international, sophisticated, luxurious and cozy aesthetics.

How is the furniture chosen?

The project is positioned in the high-end segment, all interior products are imported from Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Portugal... Products selected by designer Quach Thai Cong above worldwide, with 20 years of experience in this field, Thai Cong's coordination and design always meet customers with high requirements. Each product will be selected in every detail such as materials, colors, and details to ensure aesthetics as well as harmony with the overall project. This is a process that customers carry out during the design process with designer Quach Thai Cong, to create a unique project of their own, but still ensure aesthetics under the guidance and professional eyes of the designer. Designer Quach Thai Cong.


Once the customer has clearly understood the work items and ideas about the professional expertise, as well as the high aesthetic gout that our company brings to each program.
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