Each project created by interior designer Quách Thái Công is distinguished through his expertise and distinct aesthetic. Thái Công advises customers on every aspect of interior design, including layout, lighting, ceilings-walls-flooring, furniture selection, colors, materials, and decorations for the entire house based on their needs and preferences. Thái Công presents ideas and 3D drawings to help the investor understand the project's details. The company then arranges furniture and decorations such as mirrors, paintings, photos, vases, frames, and so on to create a cohesive whole.
Service details
  • • Create a board concept
  • • Functional ground to use
  • • Interior layout plan (2D drawings)
  • • Ceiling-wall-floor and molding design
  • • Lighting design ideas
  • • Door system and wall cabinet design
  • • Creative styles, colors, and materials
  • • Provide ideas for the entire project
  • • Furniture selection
  • • Present an idea board
  • • Present space through 3D drawings
  • • Furniture supply
  • • Decor installation

We are honored to be working on the Orchid-Vista Verde model house project with Mr. Thái Công. Our clients all adore it.

Mrs. TD - Capitaland Business Director

I have complete confidence in Thái Công's aesthetic.

Mrs. TN - Lawyer

I've been spending a lot of time at home since Mr. Thái Công decorated my living room.

Mrs. H - Toyota Vietnam Director

I am pleased with the service provided by Thái Công Furniture Company, which worked quickly and professionally.

Mr. C - Sala ĐQM apartment owner
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