Each project created by interior designer Quách Thái Công is distinguished through his expertise and distinct aesthetic. Thái Công advises customers on every aspect of interior design, including layout, lighting, ceilings-walls-flooring, furniture selection, colors, materials, and decorations for the entire house based on their needs and preferences.

Aesethics is not so easy to answer. There is a reason why people talk about beauty in ugliness, and not every thing that looks good has a high aesthetic value.

Thái Công presents ideas and 3D drawings to help the investor understand the project's details. The company then arranges furniture and decorations such as mirrors, paintings, photos, vases, frames, and so on to create a cohesive whole.     

Over 10 years of prestige, Thái Công has launched numerous projects of varying sizes and styles over the course of its ten-year existence. Its customers are aesthetic enthusiasts who appreciate luxurious surroundings. Thái Công’s designs and styles ensure the owner’s love and trust, and the firm considers clients to be friends, thus fully understanding the demands and preferences of each customer.

Thái Công is recognized as a distinguished, prestigious, and highly specialized interior design firm. Customers come to Thái Công to find an interior design and decoration expert who consistently produces one-of-a-kind, impressive works. Each project that Thái Công and his associates take on is a new challenge that must be completed with the highest sense of responsibility.


How would you define your design?

“I am systematically inspired by the country and location of the worksite. I like my work take into consideration all the local aspects; local materials; local vibes; local flavors and traditions as well as the client(s)’ expectations enabling the work to be legitimate and contextual/giving the work its legitimacy and context/ contextual legitimacy.”

Do you work with a budget?

“We systematically have specific budgets per each job predefined early on by the client. Those guidelines help considerably to keep each project efficient and on the right track limiting any major surprises. Good design doesn’t cost more, but last longer.”

What defines an atmosphere?

“For me, the atmosphere is the sensory amplification of the ambiance, the clients’ personalities and their art of living in order to obtain a very specific and unique atmosphere for each project.”

Functionality & Design, thoughts?

“My designs are done systematically to ensure it fully respects personal preferences and reflects each member of the family’s individuality and expectations. The space(s)’ functionality has to be equally specific to the kind of activities they do; social entertaining, family events, small get togethers; etc.”

How do you manage it all?

“My work is my passion. I live with my passion 24/7. With experience, I developed my own style of efficiency in order to create, produce, and refine a maximum of ideas in a minimum amount of time.”

Can you really work anywhere in the world?

“Absolutely, I really enjoy the experience of adapting to each country’s systems. In each location, I like having access to a pile of wood, a pile of plaster, a pile of cement, and a pile of marble to bring my design to life.”

What are the phases and the process of my project?

“I first get the maximum understanding possible of clients’ personal expectations by creating detailed lists of the client’s desires. Then, I assemble images of inspiration to illustrate the general vibe as it’s a great tool to share the newly customized style with the client. Then, I share my list and selected images with my crew to elaborate all initial concept design. Project layout design always come first, then furniture layout to reinforce scale and functions, then all room elevation’s drawing design including floor and ceiling drawings, electric and lighting plan. The next phase is development of all component and materials finishes references, 3D, if requested by the client, compiling all drawings study mentioned above. The interior architecture study takes generally 6 months.”

“Concerning the decoration, a specific range of furniture, lighting, rug, design art and accessories get submitted to each client who then pick their favorite(s). We then build the decoration study component presentation accordingly. Generally, it is composed with 1/3 being catalogue pieces, 1/3 vintage and collectables and 1/3 of customed design pieces to create the link between all elements and accommodate specific scales and finishes. The full study answers all client’s specific requests and expectations and reaches a tailor-made aesthetic.”

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