Absolute Quality

An outstanding tradition of hand-craftsmanship, the use of precious materials, and on-going research to ensure continuous evolution: these values always stand out in a creation by Longhi. Attention to detail works in concert with the use of exclusive materials: woodworking is entrusted to the skill and expertise of highly trained craftsmen. All marbles and stone have Certificates of Authenticity and Guarantees, as do our leathers – which are specifically selected and processed with natural environmentally friendly procedures. All these materials harmonize simply to convey passion and elegance.

Longhi exclusive by Thái Công

The interior designer Quách Thái Công with Longhi furnitures

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” represents the characteristic that permeates every aspect of Longhi’s business and production. Every production process is largely manual, which allows for precision and control of each detail. We only use raw materials of Italian origin, and our in-house production process is highly customized in order to accommodate particular needs specified by clients.

Tailor made

A tradition of precious handcraftsmanship is behind the Loveluxe collection, which displays the elegant and refined taste generated when a designer’s creativity merges with the natural features of the raw materials. Skillfully hand-worked with attention to detail, the simple materials are transformed into unique pieces that are 100% made in Italy. Every year new concepts and trends develop, bringing style and aesthetic excellence into the Loveluxe collection. This is the origin of Nobles, Royal, Regency, Vanity and Essence.

Longhi exclusive by Thái Công

The interior designer Quách Thái Công with Longhi furnitures

Made for you

Each piece is handmade, and often also made-to-measure. Moreover, each item undergoes inspections to ensure the highest quality standard and give it unique and exclusive value, enhancing its exceptional features: completely Made in Italy.

Customize your sofa, choose your favorite colors, figure out the best size to fit with your furnishings, and put your signature on it. We will make it just for you, in a limited edition one piece only: yours.

Total Home design

Interior design has always been a field of experimentation and research. Longhi is a company whose core focus is contemporary living. While mindful of changes in taste, its manufacturing roots run deep. The variety of items it offers is the result of a consistent global, corporate strategy that influences every aspect of the production process from prototypes development, to applied technologies, to customer service and communication till choice of material. Coordinated living in the name of a unique and distinctive design language, where sofas, rugs, lamps, doors and accessories coexist harmoniously.