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The Discreet Villa Of Quách Thái Công

Personalised And Poignant Perfection

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, this outwardly discreet villa is home to Quách TháI Công and his partner, as well as an abundance of opulence and marvellous design.

September 3, 2021


The Thái Công Villa is a strikingly eclectic home that speaks of a unique disposition. This villa is intricately designed and decorated with curated elements that juxtaposes each other in a vivid way. This eclectically elegant concept makes for a home that is avant-garde in the best and most luxurious ways possible

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 13

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 8

The villa, which belongs to interior designer Quách Thái Công and partner Huy Yves, may look unassuming on the outside, but within its grey exteriors is a space filled with life and inspiration. There is a sophistication here that pairs well with the opulence drawn out by the intricate furniture pieces and attention to detail. Take the living room, for starters. It is full of vibrant elements like all the movie posters and framed art that take up the wall space, which helps to add intrigue to the tall area. The chevron wood flooring adds a nice detail and warmth. An interesting tapestry of sorts is formed by the architectural layout of this home, what with the positioning of the stairwell and open hallway overhead. The amalgamation of the small details such as the books, the art, and the ornate furniture pieces is astoundingly masterful. Right outside the living room, through sliding doors, is a gorgeously refreshing outdoor pool. Is this villa the perfect getaway haven or what?

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 9

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 1

The kitchen and dining spaces mustn’t be left out. Like in the living room, the windows in the dining room allow natural sunlight to stream through while also showcasing the green foliage outside. An elegant glassy chandelier hangs in the centre, immediately defining the space and adding a touch of classiness. The kitchen exudes a brooding aesthetic with the dark modernistic palette and warm lighting. Black marble and glassware are used to create a swanky bar-like vibe.

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 4

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 10

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 11

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 6

Elegance oozes out of the master bedroom and bathroom where a creamy white colour palette is instilled, giving the space and refreshing quality. Each furniture piece such as the armchairs and the lamps seem to be so carefully and effortfully selected and curated, which really makes this space feel so personal and heart-warming. Spacious and candid, this room is clearly something that’s much more intimate and private, not meant to be scrutinised by the public gaze. It’s practical, neat, but filled with personality still, of course.

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 2

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 12

The master bathroom continues that ideation. With the double sinks and generous counter space, this is clearly a space that maximises on comfort and utility for the designer couple without once having to compromise on the beauty. It really epitomises both luxury and comfort, what with the swanky geometric on the wall, the crystal chandelier hanging over a bathtub, the presence of plush armchairs and ottomans and a plethora of knickknacks, fixtures and even photos gracing the space.

As Thái Công Interior Design is well known for its luxury interiors, this high-end space does a fantastic job of reflecting that ethos. Encapsulating a classic, bold and vivid design scheme, this villa is truly a magnificent property to behold. But the wealth of personality and character in this villa, where there’s a secret to uncover at every turn of a corner, makes this home extra special and worth exploring.

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 7

Designspeak Thái Công Villa 3


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