Thái Công is a Vietnamese-German Interior Designer. Although he moved to Germany at 10, Thái Công was raised in the traditional Vietnamese style. Growing up, studying, and working in Germany, Thái Công had the opportunity to interact with and develop a deep understanding of Western culture, style, and aesthetic views. During his 32 years in Germany, he graduated with a degree in fashion, working for many years as a creative director and fashion photographer. With an instinct for art and installation mindset, Thái Công has been honored with many noble awards in the field of art, such as the Infinity Awards voted by the ICP (New York), the Golden Lion in Cannes – France for Ideas and Graphic Design My Parents Book, and Bronze Medal for Design category for My Parents Book by ADC Council in Germany. – For more information about Thái Công and his current projects please check out his website here and follow on IG.